Tom Harricks    Rachel Goode

Tom is married to Jenny and they have 4 children. He is passionate about cricket, good coffee and swimming but more than this, loves seeing people engage with God through the bible.

  Office Manager

Rachel manages the office and provides admin support to the staff. She will be friends with anyone who brings her coffee or chocolate, and loves to chat about Jesus.

Matthew Sheridan   Elizabeth Taylor
Student Minister

Matt is married to Flick and together they have left the beaches of Newcastle behind to come and study at Moore Theological College. Along with study, Matt is serving with us on Sundays and as part of our Growth Groups. Matt loves plane-spotting (just ask him!) and encouraging others in their faith.

  Kids n Youth Coordinator

Elizabeth is a retired High School teacher who after years of teaching English and Financial Services decided to try a different line of work. She enjoys walking, reading, Sudoku, coffee chats and learning more about what the Bible has to say to us today.

 Mark Bolas   Leonie Armour
 Associate Minister

Mark grew up in the Penrith area. He left to work in IT and study in the city, but he’s seen the light and returned to the foot of the mountains. Mark enjoys all day breakfasts with his wife Kylie and their son. He’s always keen to meet new people and nothing excites him more than seeing people getting to know Jesus.

  Pastoral Worker

Our pastoral worker Leonie spends her retirement being just as busy as she was when she was working. She is enjoys spending time with people, telling them about Jesus and providing a listening ear. In her spare time she attempts the crossword and plans her next holiday.

Rob Mayhew    

Rob has left the world of teaching and has decided to pursue a career in telling others about Jesus. He embarks on a program of learning and teaching both at work and home as he adjusts to married life with Vicki.



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